Gone are the days when hair removal was only for women. Today, men are increasingly opting for hair removal techniques because they are increasingly conscious of carrying a well groomed look.  They want to look their best always so be it professionals working in the corporate sector or actors in the glamor industry, you will find many men wanting to get rid of unwanted body hair. Are you one among them? If yes then before we talk about the techniques available to help you to carry yourself confidently, let us first understand the different types of hair:

Vellus Hair:
Vellus hair is soft, short and thin hair which is often barely visible. This hair is replaced with thicker or terminal hair during puberty. It helps to regulate the body temperature and evaporate sweat.

Terminal Hair:
Compared to vellus hair, terminal hair is much thicker, longer, rough in texture and pigmented which is easily visible. While in females, terminal hair is only present in armpits and pubic area, mean have it on face, chest, legs, back and sometimes even on the shoulders.

Techniques to get rid of unwanted hair in men

The most common technique used by men to remove unwanted hair, especially facial and armpit hair, is shaving. It is a process that has to be repeated frequently as it is not a permanent solution. If not done correctly, shaving can cause razor burn, ingrown hair and even folliculitis.

Here a thread is used to remove unwanted hair from eyebrows, cheeks, nose and chin. Although an inexpensive method, it is extremely painful and can leave behind cuts for men with sensitive skin.

Hair Removal Cream:
Many OTC (over the counter) products are available in the market that offer solutions to remove hair. However one needs to be cautious while using these products as one might be allergic to them. Also few of the side effects of using these creams are Skin darkening,  skin irritation and folliculitis.

Waxing For Men:
Waxing is one of the most common methods of hair removal. As the name suggests, waxing uses wax to remove unwanted hair. Depending on your hair growth, you may have to visit the waxing parlor in an interval of 15-30 days. Needless to say, it is a painful procedure. Some of the side effects include skin pigmentation, hair ingrowth and folliculitis.

Laser Hair Reduction:
The most preferred method of hair removal is Laser Hair Reduction. Unlike the techniques mentioned previously, Laser Hair Reduction offers a near permanent hair removal solution. Lauded as the safest and the most scientific solution, Laser Hair Reduction has absolutely no side effects when done under the guidance of an expert.

The procedure uses a specific beam of light or vacuum that targets the hair follicle and disables the growth of hair. At Dr. Divya Sharma’s Skin and Hair Solutions, we use one the latest hair removal gadgets, Lumenis LightSheer Desire with vacuum assist technology and HS handpiece, which offers a painless, fast and effective experience in just six sittings.

The procedure can effectively remove unwanted hair from chest, back, shoulder, buttocks, private areas, arms and legs.

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